Cohiba 210g Windproof Cigar 3 Torch Jet Flame Refillable Lighter w/ Punch, Fuel Window & Gift Box- Free Shipping

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SOLID heavy duty Windproof Cigar 3 Flame Torch lighter. 

This is the heaviest, strongest lighter we sell, its made of metal and weighs 210 grams, which is at least 3-4 times heavier than most lighters. Its extremely well made and Windproof and also includes: Cigar punch, Fuel Window and Gift Box. 


HIGH QUALITY: Top Quality Sturdy Metal Body Lighter with Fuel Level Window, universal Refill Valve.

CIGAR PUNCH: Included on the bottom of the lighter is a bullet styled cigar hole punch so you can cut your cigars and smoke them.

BUTANE REFILLABLEFlame Height Adjustable. Butane Fuel Refillable. Lighter Does NOT Come Filled with Butane Due to Mailing Regulations.

STRONG FLAMESuper Powerful Flame and Large Flame Base. Large Flame Base gives you a wider surface area that has no issue lighting cigars of any size.

WINDPROOF: Strong Triple Jet Flame Butane Torch Windproof Lighter.

PACKAGE: Packed in an elegant gift box. It’s a perfect gift for any occasions like, Wedding, Father’s Day, Birthday, Anniversary etc. 

Material: Metal
Weight: 210g
Package Size: 78*40*16mm
Flame: 3 Torch jet flame
Fill the fuel type: Butane
Type: Windproof

Note: Butane can not be transported so all lighters are empty and will need butane added before using

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